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Scalp Sensations




Scalp Sensations hosts a combination of amazing ingredients to help with hair health, but the most essential by far is camphor. The oil of the two variations of camphor trees hold some surprising health benefits like correcting metabolic imbalances and is an additive in many medicines. However, when infused in a hair regimen it can do even more. Camphor is a natural stimulant for increasing circulation, so when used on the scalp it helps with blood flow to aid in natural hair growth. It is also an antiseptic and can reduce the bacteria that builds on the scalp from dandruff while helping to soothe the irritation of more serious conditions like seborrheic dermatitis (a condition many people dismiss as common dandruff but is a major culprit in stopping healthy hair growth). With the reputation of reducing nerve pain from neuralgia and calming the brain, it’s no wonder the scalp responds well to camphor. Other ingredients like tea tree oil, African shea & herbal complex, and a drop of menthol make up the super-packed scalp treatment. It’s important to remember that your scalp is precious skin too. So when it’s healthy, your hair has a much better chance of thriving.

Scalp Sensations


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