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Shiya T.

Ms. Evelyn needs to add Miracle Worker to her qualifications! When I feel like my hair is on point, I’m ready to conquer the world. And the best thing’s undetectable! No one would ever know I have extensions, unless I physically showed it to them... that’s how great of a job Ms. Evelyn does! It’s been 2 & 1/2 years since I was a client and I can’t imagine my life without my extensions. I feel like it’s literally a part of my body. That’s why I drive all the way from Broward County, because there is no one out there better than Ms. Evelyn!



I feel more than blessed to be part of the long list of clients.  For many years Evelyn has treated my hair with their exclusive products, treatments, hair extensions and of course styles that I can change without mistreating my hair before any process.

Love my hair salon



Evelyn thank you so much for helping me with my have given me back my life!  Suffering from Global Alopecia is a life changing experience and I don't know what I would without you!  You have changed my life.  Every day was a struggle with my thinning and baldness. Your expertise and knowledge have been a blessing to me., not only that but your kindness to help people like me it is a true honor to have you in my life.



I just want to say first when I first started looking for a hairdresser in my area I was hesitant at first until I found the Hair Doctor! She did an amazing job on my hair! I was in love with her customer service and her prompt responses. I found my forever hairdresser!



I have been a client of Evelyn at Exotic Hair Creations for over five (5) years now; since then my hair has been on a healthy hair journey, Evelyn creates an atmosphere of professionalism, pride and care with your hair; you know that you are in excellent hands when you set foot in her establishment.

Thank you Evelyn for not only caring for my hair but also providing knowledge to care for my hair to always look and be at the ultimate best!



Evelyn is the only I trust with my hair and my daughters hair. I think the name fits her perfectly (the hair doctor) she properly deals with our hair, with so much love, because she loves what she does. I’ve been a customer for over ten years now, her extensive knowledge and skill are truly unmatched. Coming to her salon getting our hair done feels like going to a close relative member house. She’s very passionate about making women of all ages feel good.


Linda J.

Who says a woman can’t change her mind? I can! Evelyn, The Hair Doctor, allows me to follow my moods. If I want it long, short, blond, or black! Her expertise has allowed me to solely trust her for my 20 years in Florida!



Evelyn has the perfect touch! She always delivers above and beyond what is requested. I am very pleased to call her my personal hair stylist.


Dellesa J.

I’ve know Evelyn for many years. She is always smiling and welcoming. Great service!


Jennifer F.

Not only does she make you feel beautiful on the outside, her compassion makes you feel beautiful on the inside as well. If you need a change or just want to look your very best; Ms. Evelyn will create something magical for you!


Arlisa J.

My daughter and I have been clients for 6 years! We appreciate, love and value Evelyn because of her professionalism and the personal connections that she has with each of her clients! She makes sure that we are happy and beautiful before we leave her shop!


Micheline P.

I have been getting my hair done at Exotic Hair Creation for over two years and Evelyn has always been professional, courteous and pleasant. I am so delighted to get my hair done there. I have recommended all my friends to Exotic Hair Creation to get their hair done and now they can’t stop talking about how excellent their experiences were as well.

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